Friday, November 19, 2021

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "Choking on Red Pills," "Virtual Teaching Tactics"


"Choking on Red Pills, A Biological Take on Modern Dating Dynamics"

Saturday November 20,

10 AM to 11 AM SL time

The basic tenet of biology is reproduction to continue the species. Evolution and genetics has programmed every species’ to follow behaviors to ensure the next generation. Sometimes this has resulted in seemingly contradictory behaviors like male spiders sacrificing themselves after mating.

Given this pattern of programming in sexually reproducing species, it is flabbergasting that some people are choosing to exit the mating pool consciously. These movements (Men Going Their Own Way, Involuntary Celibates, parts of The Manosphere, etc) espouse very different interactions in the mating game, primarily to exit it. Collectively using the term “Red Pill” (a reference to The Matrix) this philosophy claims to now be awakened to the truth of how society oppresses men.

This presentation will explore initially the biology of sexual reproduction in vertebrates and humans then look to reconcile or at least understand better the current society/cultural situation.

Presentation by Dr. Stephen Gasior (Xootfly)


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"Virtual Teaching Tactics to Help a Divided World"

Saturday November 20

9 PM to 10 PM SL time

Educators can be Covid-challenged to keep students and funds flowing, while promoting healthy and enriching academic options. Virtual World learning may provide immersive hands-on experience for engaging students and offering a sense of place and belonging, so important to student success and retention in online education.This presentation covers: evolution of virtual world learning, academic necessities for learning alternatives, socioeconomic drivers and gains, fulfilling student desires for immersive experience, benefits of experiential learning, providing dimensional sense of space, sample in-world learning centers, forming partnerships between academia and emerging technology, effective gamification of learning, bridging the digital divide, and self-guided field trips to Virtual World campuses.

Dr. Steven R. Van Hook


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