Wednesday, September 14, 2022

EOTB: "Care Made in Second Life - Fearless Nation"

 A couple years ago, the Newser wrote about Fearless Nation, a group and sim in Second Life with the purpose of helping people with Post-Tramautic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Yesterday in the Linden blog, it was featured in "Made in Second Life."

Founder and Executive Director of Fearless Nation, Anya Ibor (also known as Colleen M. Crary in the physical world) holds a PhD in Psychology and has been using Second Life as a means to educate people about PTSD for over 12 years. Equally important to Anya is her advocacy for PTSD victims by sharing her extensive research.

The Fearless Nation destination has an extensive interactive library on the subject matter, including literary works and informational slideshows. There are also little areas where Residents can reflect on their feelings including an area to cope with grief and a remembrance place. An eucomenical temple on a hill, set within a secluded garden lets followers of any religion (or none for that matter) reflect on loss, gather strength, and meet others in quiet contemplation.

An art exhibit about trauma, recovery, and resilience brings together prominent Second Life artists like Bryn Oh, along with the collective who participated in the award-winning “The Freedom Project” as well as artists from the physical realm, past and present, like Käthe Kollwitz and Joe Coleman.

Group meetings and other events surrounding PTSD support are starting soon, so join their inworld group and chime in by sharing your ideas for topics to discuss. 

Draxtor Despres would do a video about Fearless Nation as well.

To check the blog entry in full, Click Here

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