Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The New Office Building

 It was almost ten years ago in December 2012 in which the SL Newser got a change of office buildings. While the first one stood for about a year and a half, the second building stood for almost ten years. But nothing lasts forever, and a few days ago, Ranchan Wiedman who manages the sim contacted us saying the new office building was ready to be put in place. So most of the furnishings were taken out, and yesterday Ranchan placed the new structure.
Both buildings have a few things in common, such as plenty of windows for a good look outside. The previous building people could get up or down via a spiral staircase in the middle. The new design is more of a zigzag, slightly slower in climbing upstairs, but a little less likely to slip and fall down.

A few items were taken down for good such as a retired reporter's desk and the terminal of an old sponsor that couldn't be moved. In the case of a picture left by the late Alleara Snoodle, as it couldn't be moved Ran did her best to work around it.

We'll be spending a few days putting some of the furnishings back, and putting in some new furniture and decor. We'll miss the old office, it served us well. But we'll soon have the new one fully up and running.
The location remains at HV Community (140, 85, 25

Thank you again Ranchan,

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. A nice looking classical build ...
    ... it don't have to be all that "shiny mesh". I love it.

  2. Good looking new build! Will be nice to see when you get all the furniture moved in...I personally would have went with a bunker but that's just me..Wolf and Deathlands are into bunkers..

  3. Ah stopped by it last night before my Xanadu set. It looks nice I didn't go in. Glad you now have parking.
    You said one picture couldn't be moved. Why not isn't Ranchan the estate manager? I figured she coukd take the pic in thd pie menu and replace it.

  4. Mangers can remove any object. But if you want it moved but not removed, then it gets tricky. Normally one would just get permissions from the object owner to move it. But since Alleara passed away last year, sorry to say that isn't happening.