Monday, September 26, 2022

Joy Mountain

The Suweaver Estates have a number of places to visit. There are the various clubs. There's the Newser office. There are some spots one can grab a surfboard or bumper boat. There's the railroad system. There's a few stores and the Puddle Jumper Mall. There's the Farshore Field airport, which members of the community can use to fly planes. Of the latter, overlooking the airport is a large hill. Cyantia Farshore recently informed the Newser it's been given a name: Joy Mountain.

The lower part of the mountain has a railroad tunnel. But the more notable parts are the caves and waterfalls higher up. "The cave is part of the mountain made by Landscaping by Felix and you know it's been here few years now," Cynthia told me, explaining while it's had a few games and sitting spots for quite some time, she recently added to them, "more poses around the pool at the peak and then added games in the cavern. And I knew it needed a name, so came up with Joy mountain 'cause that's what I want it to provide."

Of the games, there were classics such as chess and pool. But there was also "Clued Up," an SL version of "Clue," the popular "Cards Against Humanity," and others. But that wasn't all. "Did you see the spa pool at the top?" She asked me, "the top is a pool you soak in." She pointed out some friends used it for "skinny dipping" not long ago. "Sim is mature," she reminded, "Guess may have to put a sign up, 'possible nudity beyond this spot.'" There was also a bear rug with cuddle poses. 

Of future plans, "Maybe a couple rope slides down like Caledon is in order here," she thought, "The cave may have some 'game nights.' I'll have to work details out on that, have competitions with prizes for the top scorer." She thought having special events there for Team Sunbeamers during the Relay season was very likely to happen.
Bixyl Shuftan

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