Friday, September 23, 2022

"Where Mercats Go"

Second Life has a number of places that appeal to water activities, and some places that appeal to tinies. But how about both? In the Safe Waters Foundation group, I heard about such a place from JoyceTravels.
Talahoy Mercat and Dinkie Friends,

We have been busy with SO many things making Aloha Dinkie Deep a wonderful place to play and live as Mercat and Dinkie! 
Dropping over with a friend, we found ourselves on a small island. Joyce and her friends greeted us, and invited us to look around and enjoy the activities. There was a surboard rezzer (and a nearby surf shack), there was a nearby tiny-sized schooner, and a tiny sailboat rezzer. I saw what looked like a sailboat race course around the small island. There was also a small dance floor for parties.

I decided to give the sailboat a try. This was a bit more detailed than some other sailboats as it took into account the wind in the virtual world. Text above the boat (not visible in the picture) showed which direction and how fast it was. It was green when the wind was directly behind you, yellow when it was to the side and slightly behind you, and red when the wind was blowing at your front. I decided to try to sail the race course. But I soon ran into trouble. Trying to get through the markers, I ended up sailing into the wind. So there wasn't anything I could do but wait. And after a few minutes of it not changing, I turned around and sailed back to the island. 
I recalled reading in the age of sail, sailors could sometimes have to wait for days for favorable winds. While one wouldn't have to wait that long in Second Life, it did seem patience was needed for these sailboats. Oh well.

Bixyl Shuftan

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