Saturday, September 24, 2022

SL Renaissance Festival Opens

The Second Life Renaissance Festival is underway. The event, also known as the Ren Fest, started yesterday, September 24. There are numerous things to do there, such as shopping (notably for Medieval and Fantasy clothes, furnishings and gear), attending live and DJ music events, classes, contests, auctions, and competitions and other contests.

Dropping by the landmark area, there was a kiosk display with several outfits, from prices from 250 to 75L There were also some silent auctions done in cooperation with Linden Lab, such as an otherwise free year of Premium Plus or name change. There was in addition a kiosk for a "mega raffle" offering 45,000 Lindens worth of gift cards. I also witnessed a ceremony involving numerous people on horseback. 
One of the more notable events, "Joust a Mole or Linden," takes place on Thursday September 29 at 1PM SL time. 
The Ren Fest raises money in support of Making Strides, which raises money for the Relay for Life for breast cancer support and research.

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Bixyl Shuftan

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