Friday, September 16, 2022

SL Newspaper's Editor Makes Real-Life News

 Since the closing of Second Life Newspaper, the predecessor paper of the SL Newser, not much has been heard of it's editor Dana Vanmoer. She has come back to Second Life once in a great while, but not often. But recently in real-life, she made a little news. 

In real life, Dana (Donna Wilby in real life) has taken up crochet. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, she decided to do a tribute of her own, knitting a mailbox "topper." Well, it was one of several "Woolly Wonders" that were featured in the Daily Mail online newspage. 

She would write on Facebook, "I intended to stay anonymous but have been outed by the Daily Mail so you get to see work in progress and final photos"
 You can see more of Dana's creations at her "Donna's Designs" blog, which has it's own Facebook page

Best of luck Dana,

Bixyl Shuftan

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