Friday, December 17, 2010

More Winterfest Fun

Another visit to the Winterfest in the Neutral Zone to see the Art Exhibit landed me right next to my favorite SL artist . As soon as I saw the interactive piece I knew it was Feathers Boa's. The twinkling art she is displaying on the first floor of the Fine Art Exhibition Hall is fitting to the spirit of Winterfest. Be sure to walk into the art itself and see the changes that take place around you.

One piece is a sparkling snow flake that morphs as you pass around it and into it. Another is a crystal heart that changes into gold as you approach it. Some of her old familiar pieces grace the walls . You cant miss the building . It is in the Town Square right next to the directions arrows to take you to the events.

As usual the events were later in the day so the next thing I tackled was the Snow Maze. Great fun! There is a sign on the roof that says “No Peeking!” LOL. I spent more time there than I meant to because there are lots of nice freebie boxes and vendors inside the maze. I picked up a few outfits and some gestures. I was tempted by the free hotel but resisted. Go get those goodies!

The first snowball fight is at 4:00 pm SL time on Thursday and the second at 8:00 am on Friday. I plan to make both if I can! I already picked up my free snowball thrower and practiced a bit.

You have the entrance to the town square for the Art Exhibit so here is the entrance to the maze. By the way, the maze is based on the film “The Shining!" Jack Belvedere, owner of the sims, told me he had to clean up all the gore before doing the snow maze.

Have fun!

Gemma Cleanslate

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