Thursday, December 23, 2010

Memorial Celebration for Delinda Dyrssen

On the weekend of Saturday December 18 and Sunday December 19, a large musical tribute was performed by a number of artists in honor of a mutual friend: Delinda Dyrssen. It was one month before in which she had passed away.

The event began at the Sailors Cove Theater at Fishers Island at 9:30 AM Saturday December 18, with a performance by Pmann Sands. The schedule did not go completely as planned. At one point to substitute for someone, Beth Odets and Strum Diesel did a violin and piano duet that went over very well for the audience, which was packed (not all the avatars showed up on the picture). There was a bit of funnery when someone sat on the elephant up for display for anyone who wanted to take pictures. The music went on past 9 PM SL time.

The following day, the second half of the musical tribute took place at Delinda’s club “The Pocket” at Freestar Bay Isle (229, 3, 23). There were more musicians showing up, as well as other talents such as comedian Lauren Weyland. Most soloed, but there was at least one duet when Von Johin stayed on stage to perform with Moondoggirl Moomintoog. The music went on late into the night, to Midnight SL time and possibly longer.

Durring both days of the event, those attending were invited to contribute notecards with comments to a notebook, of which the contents would be sent to Delinda’s family in real-life. People were also invited to make contributions in support for kidney disease research at the website, “If you choose the ‘Memorial Gift’ option Delinda's family will get a note from the Foundation. ... Please make memorial gifts for Denise Williams rather than Delinda Dyrssen.”

One of those attending, Angie Mornington, took a number of pictures of the event, and placed them up for display on her web album at Of the memorial gifts, Angie commented, “I can't think of a more lovely tribute than for them to get hundreds of notes so they know how much Delinda was loved.”

Chestnut Rau, whom was one of the main organizers of the event, posted some comments in her blog, among which, “Some people can do more in a short life than others do in a century ... Delinda loved to bring people together, and promote the things about Second Life.”

“To Delinda's real-life family, I hope her Second Life Memorial showed you how much we loved your Denise. I hope there is some comfort in that for you. I know there is nothing that we can say or do that eases your pain but we would if we could. Thank you for sharing her with us and with the world.”

Sources: Second Life of my Dreams, Angie Morrington's Public Gallery

Bixyl Shuftan

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