Saturday, December 18, 2010

White Fight

The snowball fight between the Lindens and the residents of SL was a riot as usual! Yes, there were numerous Lindens who made it to defend their honor. Huge piles of snow flew through the air tossing avatars into the sky at times. Some used bazooka throwers.

Torley was at the Thursday fight but I missed him. Spider Linden was there Friday morning and as the fight progressed he grew bigger and bigger! Tiggs Linden was a tiny and hard to hit. Blondin was present as usual as was Jeremy. Oz and Log Linden took part also. There was a micro fox moving so fast no one could possibly hit him. I could not even read his name!

The fight went on for a long time and the Lindens and participants moved from Break Away sim into Empty Net and back again. However, I did hear one say “I have a button here that would determine the winner anytime.” The fight continued long after the Lindens went out. Everyone had a wonderful time at both fights, Thursday night and Friday morning. There were missing Linden faces that flashed by my eyes: George, Blue, but all in all the Lindens defended themselves well.

Winterfest goes on. Check out the destination guide for all the activities there.

Gemma Cleanslate

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