Friday, December 31, 2010

Club Little Dove Returns for New Years Eve

Nydia Tungsten recently informed me that she plans to reopen Club Little Dove for New Years Eve. Little Dove was originally a floating Steampunk-style structure kept in the air by propellers, briefly open for the Relay for Life. This time, the club will be a zeppelin, the dance floor just over the control room.

The party will be at 8 PM SL time. No landmark is currently available, though the club is in the Southern Colorado sim. People can IM Nydia Tungsten for an LM.

Other clubs and social areas will have their own events, such as Cutlass at 6 PM SL time. Club Zero will also have an event, but no time was given. Last Year, Linden Labs hosted an official New Years event, ringing in 2010 when the clock struck midnight for every time zone. But there seems to be no such event planned this time.

UPDATE - Club Little Dove is at Southern Colorado ( 110, 35, 105).

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  1. If you come to main LM in Southern Colorado, you can use the teleporter system to get up to the Little Dove.