Friday, December 24, 2010

Ozimals and Amaretto Ranch Breedables in Legal Fight

Virtual pets have been a part of Second Life for quite some time. Earlier this year, the Ozimals company was noted for their popular breedable bunnies. For a time, their bunnies were all the rage on the Grid, people breeding them for popular colors and putting them up for auction. In October, they made a marketing deal with Linden Lab, which sent out some promotional offers for them. Then Amaretto horses appeared on the scene, with horses that are also breedable, starting off as small foals that soon grow up and can also be ridden by avatars.

Recently, the two companies have been involved in a legal fight. It began when Ozimals demanded Amaretto stop selling the horses in a “cease and desist letter threatening to file a DMCA,” saying parts of the scripts were copies of the code used in the bunnies. Amaretto. Amaretto refused, and Ozimals fled a DMCA notice with Linden Lab. Amaretto soon responded with a counter-DMCA and copyright lawsuit.

Legal demands over Second Life products are nothing new. Just weeks ago, Universal Studios ordered a number of product makers to change the names of “Battlestar Galacitca” products, saying they were infringing on their copyright. A few years ago was the noted case of a sex bed company Strokerz being sued by several individuals led by the Eros company. But it was the company owner taken to court, not the company. The Ozimals and Amaretto fight is probably the first legal dispute in which both plaintiff and defendant are two registered companies whose revenue is made within Second Life.

Both Ozimals and Amaretto say they regret the matter has come to this, Josie Cooperstone of the Amaretto team calling it “a trying time for all of the breedable community.” But no one is backing down.

For Ozimal's statement, Click Here. For Amaretto's position, Click Here.

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Pictures from and SL Marketplace

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