Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winterfest Fun at GOHA

I have been so busy, I was not able to get over to the Winterfest in GOHA until today. The whole place looks wonderful! Since the events were starting later in the afternoon, I set off to find some of the activities that were around for amusement when events are not taking place.

The first place I found was a spectacular skating pond with skaters merrily performing lovely skating tricks. It is not that hard. There are solo and couple skating animation balls at one end of the rink. I took a try at it and it was easy. I set off to find the area for the snowball fights. That is one of the events I do not want to miss!!! It is great fun tossing snowballs at the Lindens! My thoughts went back to last year. There are so many faces I will sorely miss! My hopes are there will be some Lindens I know there.

The place that indicates the snowball fight is also a place to rezz a sled for a downhill ride. It is a good thing they have barriers there, or I would not be writing this! The pond at the bottom is frozen over and the snowball servers are all set up!! You will love the sims at GOHA. Before I left I came across a snowman building contest in the town square. Really cute!

Take a trip over and see all there is to do! This is a wonderful site for Winterfest! - Neutral Zone (132, 141, 60)

More to come!

Gemma Cleanslate

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