Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Tonight Live" Studio to Move to Sailors Cove

After a few months at INXX, Paisley Bebee is moving to the Sailors Cove sim.

Nearly 4 years ago I found Sailors Cove when invited to visit by Delinda Dyrssen, and then later to play a gig there. I also employed a Sailors Cove Resident in 2007 as a show assistant called Jojamela Soon who helped me out at gigs, and Fanci Beebe who is part owner of Sailors Cove was my Music Manager not long after. Delinda Dyrssen our Producer lived there as many of you know. And I have always found the good community at Sailors cove so wonderfully relaxed and friendly to me and my team. I also had a shop at Sailors Cove for several years, and had a regular Thursday and Friday gig for a year or more also. So I’m so thrilled that Fanci and Patrick can accomodate our TV studio at the cove as its permanent new home.

The studio itself is still under construction, high out of sight from the ground, but is still open to the public, "come and take a look if you want, but excuse our mess." The show is currently on break until January 16th.

The new location is at Lewis Rock (20, 232, 3501)

Source: Paisley Beebe

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