Tuesday, December 7, 2010

USS Arizona Memorial Service, and other Events This Week in Second Life

Today, we start a weekly article for Second Life Newser: Events This Week in Second Life. This feature was partially inspired by friends whom have relied on me to tell them what's going on, and hopefully this will give residents notice of some of the events.

And today, we have a major memorial service, the USS Arizona Memorial in Second Life at the Ohau sim. The service is to honor the lives lost from the sinking of the battleship during the sneak attack by Imperial Japan on Pearl Harbor 69 years ago today. Organized by Twstd Ruggles and Shane Lunasea, they will have Ichie Kamichi singing at the event. Unfortunetly, we were unable to get the time the event takes place, but as the attack took place at 9:51 AM SL time, a fair guess for those who can't contact anyone connected with the event is 9 AM.

The location for the service is at the Oahu sim, (182, 21, 23)

By all means, this is not the only event this week. For more, check the list on Events.

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