Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool Part Two

Yesterday's April Fool got quite a bit of chatter on Facebook, and a little inworld. The reporter who pulled the stunt sends his thanks, and promises more in the future.

We weren't exactly alone in pulling one over on Second Life residents. Jessica Lyon and her Firestorm team pulled off one of their own with their "Firestorm Mobile."

Firestorm in an old Atari 2600? At this point, the April Fool would have been obvious, at least to those who hadn't already noticed Jessica's grins and winks.

Outside Second Life, the April Fooleries were too numerous to mention every single one. Iris Ophelia of New World Notes highlighted the one from the "Guild Wars2" MMO supposed 8-bit throwback "Super Adventure Box." Warcraftpets.com did a piece about a supposed World of Warcraft update that would have allowed players to have more than one pet on the screen at once, though at a cost. By the bottom of the page, well, the April Fool was obvious.

Probably the April Fool that took the most effort, and one of the funniest, was that of The "War Thunder" WW2 Aircraft MMO. The folks at Gaijin Entertainment threw their pilots for a loop when not only did they have a news announcement for "My Little Ponies" heavily armed with machine guns, but logging on, you could actually fly the rascals. They were described as hard to turn, and blacked out easily, but were outclassing everything else that day. Perhaps some pilots had the opportunity to do some fun machinimas that day. I imagine the pilots in that game will be talking about the stunt for a while.

Happy April Fools

Hat tip: Nydia Tungsten

Bixyl Shuftan

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