Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Growth in Private Estates, But Total Sim Numbers Still Dropping

Daniel Voyager had a couple things to say about recent statistical data of Second Life. For a change, there was a little good news as far as trends in sim numbers was concerned. Tyche Shepard's data on new private estates saw a small increase, the first one recorded on the Grid in forty weeks. Unfortunetly, the declining numbers of mainland sims made up for this, "Since the start of 2013, the net number of private regions lost  now stands at 510 (2.4% in 13 weeks).

While the growth in private sims is good news, it's unsure wether or not this trend will continue. Daniel Voyager commented, "… it needs changes from Linden Lab to start the recovery again."

For Daniel Voyager's article, Click Here.

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