Friday, April 19, 2013

Eye On The Blog: Linden Lab Calls for Residents to Star in Ads

Want your avatar on webpages across the Internet? That's what Linden Lab is offering for their next ad campaign. They're asking for residents who aren't shy about showing both their real life and Second Life selves to star in their ads.

Banker by day, but intergalactic space cowboy in Second Life? We may be looking for you! We are now casting both humans and their avatars for a new promotional campaign that will be featured on and across the web. For this campaign, we’re looking for people who are comfortable revealing their “human side” alongside their avatars in Second Life, like in the image above. Specifically, we are looking for those whose avatars do not physically resemble their owners. This promotion aims to spotlight the diverse and creative communities in Second Life, so please apply if you’d like to share your passion for Second Life with the world! 

Those residents interested are asked to fill out an application form by a minute before Midnight SL time on May 1st. Among the questions asked are why they're interested in being in the campaign and what they like about Second Life and what they do inworld. Linden Lab says "no personal information provided will be disclosed publicly" unless the person is chosen and agrees to take part in the ads.

To get to the blog entry and application form: (Click Here).

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