Saturday, April 20, 2013

SL Video: The Drax Files "Episode 4: Fantasy Faire/RFL"

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For the fourth of his "Drax Files" series, Draxtor Despress interviewed Zander Green, one of the organizers of Fantasy Faire in Second Life. "When you come into this world and realize that how you present yourself is entirely in your hands - you presenting the best idea of yourself: there is a liberation that occurs there..." he told.

Designed as a fundraiser for Relay For Life, the faire offers top digital content of the magical variety, handmade by SL's top designers and merchants. A user-created universe full of ingenuity and passion: that could describe Second Life at any given day, but this long running event is certainly a prime example of how only a virtual world can truly transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. Thousands will come together this week in order to celebrate life, humanity and free expression while at the same time battling the dark forces of a deadly disease in a way that has tangible, measurable REAL WORLD impact!

Fantasy Faire runs through April 28th - more info here:

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