Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fantasy Fair 2013 Scenes

The 2013 Fantasy Faire for the Relay For Life is going on, and that means two things: detailed exhibitions with plenty of prims, and crowds. Unfortunetly, that can mean problems for those with older computers. Still, I got a few without too much grey.

As scene from the outskirts of the Faire from ACS Island. A ship floats above with the help from a dragon. At one point, I came across a party with Colossus avatar maker Ceri Quixote dancing from beneath the vessel. Unfortunetly, everyone stayed grey. So no picture.

From the official entrance at Fairelands Junction (128, 128, 23), there were portals to each of the sims.

Monty Linden was at the Faire, looking like an aristocrat/ Bring on the "Let them eat cake" jokes.

Numerous others have taken pictures, among them:

Bain Finch:

IshtarAngel Micheline:

and Daniel Voyager:

Stay tuned for more on the Fantasy Faire and other Relay events.

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