Monday, April 8, 2013

Reader Submitted: "Gaming Gods"

Just a Quick word about "Gaming Gods," or known to the rest of us infantile gamers. People play games to enjoy themselves, NOT to prove themselves. The Gaming Gods feel that if you are not up to their level you shouldn't be on "their" sever. I have witnessed this time and time again, and been the victim of it. Well I have news for you "gods," we all have to start somewhere. 

The reason I am posting this is I was in a flying game, someone hit me from my same team and he was terrified I was going to go off on him.  My response was "No problem, it happens. Let's get back at them." He was stunned, then he told me that was his last plane for the game, and was stunned again that I said I was sorry to hear that but better luck next time.

So everyone remember, we ALL had to start some where and remember what it was like when we first started, you will find even you will have a better time playing if you remember it

Nydia Tungsten

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  1. It's a sad commentary that polite behavior is now seen as anomalous.