Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rederosity Website Bans Use of Its Textures in Second Life

On Wednesday September 25, Renderosity, a website for 3D artists, announced that its textures would no longer be allowed to be used in Second Life.

In the past, we have allowed a Buyer to use Renderosity products for their use in the Second Life virtual world, as long as the Buyer does not sell or give away the files. However, the new TOS at Second Life gives Second Life the complete ‘rights’ over anything uploaded at their site as of the date of their new TOS. Second Life’s new TOS conflicts with our Renderosity license … Our license “grants the Buyer a…NON-TRANSFERABLE license….[Buyers] may not distribute the Product or any of the Product’s files….in any format for sale or free.” Given Second Life’s new TOS, any Renderosity product uploaded there (even for personal use) is in violation of our license because their TOS is ‘transferring’ the rights them. This is a very disturbing TOS for the rights of anyone uploading items to use on Second Life. 

Renderosity joins CGTextures, which earlier this month also barred the use of it's textures within Second Life due to Linden Lab's change in its Terms of Service concerning the ownership rights of uploaded content. With Tuna Oddfellow closing the Odd Ball over the issue this week, Renderosity's action is likely to deepen the controversy

Hat Tip: Kylie Sabra

Bixyl Shuftan

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