Friday, September 27, 2013

"SLShare" Post to Facebook Feature Now Available

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Linden viewer would soon have a Facebook integration feature. On Wednesday September 25, Linden Lab announced on it's blog that it was now available, at least to some residents.

Today, we’re introducing Second Life Share or SLShare for short. It’s a new feature that makes it easy to share things from Second Life with your friends on Facebook.

SLShare is a new, 100% opt-in Viewer feature that will allow you to easily update your Facebook status, share photos, and check-in from Second Life locations to your Facebook wall.

Whether you’re at a great inworld event and want to let your Facebook friends know where to join you, want to show off a photo of your avatar modeling your latest Marketplace purchase, or just share a thought inspired by your inworld explorations, SLShare makes it easy to share pieces of your Second Life experiences with your Facebook network.

The Lab stated the feature wasn't available to everyone yet, only to "a certain percentage of users." It stated it would be available to all at a later date.

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Among those able to use the feature is Daniel Voyager,  who posted some pictures of it on his blog. Hamlet Au felt SLShare was lacking an important feature: a privacy option. For those following Facebook's guidelines about real names, one couldn't post the pic via a Facebook page other than one's account, "Hopefully that's added to this release candidate ..."

Sources: Linden Lab, Daniel Voyager, New World Notes

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