Friday, September 20, 2013

Press Release: Exploring Mars and Discovering Earth Space week 2013

 Space Week 2013 is taking place on Second Life! The theme this years is Exploring Mars and Discovering Earth. The National Space Society in conjunction with the International Spaceflight Museum is holding celebrations for all to attend Oct the 5th and 6th.  They plan to kick off the party with Best Dressed on Mars, sporting a contest for the trendiest and best dressed Best Dressed Martian In-Habitat Wear, and the Best Martian Surface-Wear, with prizes to be awarded! The Event will take place On Oct the 5th at 3PM SLT at Yuri’s Night Party Place ,  this is a GA sim so please keep that fashion conscious mind for all audiences!  After the festivities DJ Emileigh Starbrook will continue the party from 6PMSLT to 8PM SLT.  On October 6th There will be presentations given on the theme Exploring Mars and Discovering Earth by varies speakers starting at 3pm SLT on the Spaceport Bravo sim .  Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to contact for more information on how to be a presenter or questions for the Best Dressed Martian in-habitat wear, and the Best Martian Surface-Wear.

Spaceport Alpha (140/151/23)

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