Monday, September 16, 2013

Rita Mariner’s New Beach Apartments

By Grease Coakes

Rita Mariner has always been the head honcho of the Sunweavers and the community has been around for a long while. Everyone enjoys being around the legendary Rita Mariner as she runs the "Sunnies" group and sims with a fair hand. When I was DJing at club Cutlass one Wedsday, Rita mentioned she had new apartments on her sim by the water. It always seems like I DJ every Wednesday for the Jenni Greenfield’s Club Cutlass. I think the Sunweavers and Rita herself really enjoy my music and djing.

Rita is a busy bunny it seems as I had to wait a while before she got back to me in giving me a tour in her new apartments. Her new rental property is at Sunweaver Bay (113/77/102). And from what I saw her new development is pretty snazzy. At the ground floor she hopes to add vendor space for the renters and any shoppers who happen to stop by.

There’s also a teleport system instead of an elevator to warp to your floor or to visit a friend. There are several floors along with a pent house up at the top floor. Each floor allows 70 prims for 600 per month. The floors are nice with wonderful ceiling textures. The Penthouse is an extra 100L per month for 700L for more room and a view of the Sunweaver club the HMS Little Dove, where DJ Yulia performs a few events a week late at night.

I asked Rita a burning question as the Sunweavers is a mainly, though not all, furry community and group. "I'm guessing humans are welcome at your apartments just like us furries?"

Rita Mariner, "Oh yes, we love humans; they go get great with BBQ sauce!" *laughs*

Grease Coakes, "Hahaha!"

Rita Mariner, "Well, I like to get all my renters to stay long term, however I can keep them."

Rita doesn’t do everything by herself though. She has her trusted friends Shockwave and Nydia to help her manage her sims. Shockwave also does movie night every Sunday at 6pm SLT at Sunweaver Space (253/175/451)

Rita had this to say about Nydia and Shockwave as estate managers,  One, because I trust them.  Two, because they enjoy it. Three, I am lazy." *laughs*

Grease Coakes: I think everyone has their lazy days.

Later in the interview, Sha came from nowhere and decided to fly inside. She had this to say about Rita’s apartments, "They (are a) good price, if you don't need many prims. I would love to have more neighbors. My house is always open." Sha’s quote speaks for itself as she owns the Arabian house on the hill.

Afterwards Rita showed me a coffee house which had an animated steampunk themed coffee maker. Rita said the theme was steampunk around that rental area. For a small fee of 25L you pay the coffee maker and for a process of a few minutes it prepares coffee for you with various visual and sound effects.

Rita is a beloved bunny as has been the queen of the Sunweavers since its inception back in early Second Life. For a low price per month come check out one of Rita’s apartments if you just need a small place to entertain your friends or maybe need some alone time with a special someone. As Rita said Shockwave Yareach and Nydia Tungsten help out Rita by managing her sims so if you ever have a problem Rita’s friends are there to help you out.

Grease Coakes

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