Monday, September 2, 2013

SL Video: "The Drax Files - Episode 10: Robin Sojourner"

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" 'We are taught early on that creativity is reserved for the 'creative types' and that they are special but it just not true: all of us can do this!'

"Accomplished artist Robin Sojourner is quite opinionated when it comes to creative engagement: she wants to see everyone make things, physically or digitally, because as she puts it "if you are not creating, the universe is simply missing your voice!"

"Robin adds that the emphasis on succeeding more often than not dissuades children in early schooling from exploring their creative impulses, instead she proposes we learn to embrace failure as a necessary step to improve over time so we can come closer to realizing our creative vision and enjoy the process.

"Needless to say that this wise woman does have no problem balancing so-called "real" life work with engagement in the virtual realm.

"Enjoy and be sure to check out for more information."

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