Thursday, September 12, 2013

Press Release: Burn2 Announces Plot Winners

BURN2 is happy to announce the 2013 Juried Art and Theme Camp plot winners! We had 19 applicants this year who submitted proposals to amaze us, engage us, and energize the playa with their amazing builds! You’ll see artists who have never been on the playa before, as well as seasoned artists who generously create participatory art over the years; artists whom we have grown to love. You can see these artists and more when the gates open at BURN2 for a week of creative celebration and festivities starting October 19th! We’re planning a full week, and we’re getting very excited in the planning stages with everything coming together for a great event!

Thank you EVERYONE who submitted applications for these plots. Your ideas ARE AMAZING, and it did not make for an easy decision process. For those who submitted, we want to let you know it’s not too late to grab your own plot and build your camp.

And to a Lamplighter’s drum roll, we announce the names of the 10 selected artists and the titles of their builds:

Artist                      Build Name                    Awarded plot size

Giovanna Cerise   "The magic of objects"    2048sm

Alesha Hax           "Cult­Ure Queen"             2048sm

MORLITA Quan   "Sokofa"                         2048sm

Loki Eliot              "The Sand Fairy"            2048sm

Caro Fayray           "Anomaly"                     1024sm

Ginger Lorakeet     "Inside Art"                    1024sm

Juliana Burns         "Camp Marshmallow"    1024sm

catboy Qunhua       "Catboy's Camp of Cuisine,
                                 Culture, and Comedy"  1024sm

Sarrah Docherty     "Cargo Train"                 1024sm

Marianne McCann "Inner Child Camp"        1024sm

Congratulations Art plot and Theme Camp winners!

BURN2 is an official Burning Man Regional, following the 10 Principles and spreading Burning Culture through volunteerism and the celebration of Community, Art, and Fire on the virtual playa. A place for SL residents and Burners alike to radically participate in one of the most loved events in Second Life.

The theme this year is "CARGO CULT." Learn more about the theme here:

Some important dates for the Juried Camp Artists

Building starts: 9/20/13

Building/placement ends: 10/12/13

BURN2 Cargo Cult opens: 10/19/13

BURN2 Cargo Cult ends: 10/27/13

All builders and artists agree to comply with the Ten Principles of Burning Man and BURN2

(­principles) and the BURN2 Builder Guidelines

( All builders and artists agree to comply with Linden

Lab’'s Terms of Service and Community Standards. We encourage the press to provide this information to the public, and please join us in seeing the immediacy creativity of moment that participatory art can create on the playa at BURN2!

We encourage you to use the following labels and hashtags when you write about the event: BURN2, #burn2 . We will promote those tags to make it easier for people to find your content.

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