Thursday, August 20, 2015

Press Release: The RFL "Lanterns of Life" Team's Last Season

With the end of the 2015 Relay for Life of Second Life season, it is also the end of an era. The team name "Lanterns For Life" will no longer be used by this team in the future.

Lanterns For Life have always been a sub-group of the Green Lantern Core. However, due to actions from other groups with the Green Lantern name and to avoid possible legal action from DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Inc,  and Warner Bros. Entertainment, for using copyright material to collect donations for charities, the parent group has changed its name. We will be moving away from using any logos or names that could be associated with the real life companies.

During the next Relay For Life of Second Life season, we shall relay with our new parent group: Core Charities.

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