Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Electrobit City to Close

In August 2011, Xymbers Slade wrote about the Electrobit City sim, the home of builds done by the creators of the "8 Bit Theater," Jei Desoto and Kris Spade. Four years later, there is still a place there, but not for much longer. Xymbers informs the Newser that the people behind the sim will be closing down.

It is with deep regret, that we must suspend development on this project soon. This doesn't mean the project is dead, this project will continue! It may be in SL in the future, or something more ambitious like Sansar, or a different platform. Will continue to inform on updates in the group.  At present it is non-sustainable here. For now, we project the closure date to be 09/18/2015.  Feel free to photograph and blog during this time.  TYVM all for your support and intere.

Presumably "non-sustainable" means the creators no longer have the money to pay the tier. The build has about a month left before it fades away.

Bixyl Shuftan

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