Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rifkin Habsburg, "En Garde" Maker, Taken Offline By Linden Lab

Rifkin Habsburg, the maker of Procyon Games, including the popular "En Garde," has apparently had his access to Second Life cut off by Linden Lab. In his latest blog entry, he stated the following:

Linden Labs has disabled my account for some reason. I am working with them to try to resolve the issue. In the meantime this probably means my games aren't working. It also means I can't read any messages. If you need to communicate with me I can be reached at my email

Rifkin isn't the only content creator taken offline lately. This news comes just a few weeks after hearing about Grendel's Children owner Flea Bussy being taken offline temporarily due to Paypal issues. Flea's partner Toady Nakamura was the one who informed the Newser of Rifkin being offlined, suggesting of Linden Lab, "it seems to be the new 'in thing'."

Checking the "En Guard" game at Steelhead, that seemed to be working, so it seems the games are still running. It is not yet clear as to why Rifkin's account was offlined, or when he will be back.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. That is sad, this is one of the most interesting games in SL