Friday, August 7, 2015

Angels Calendar Auction Raises over 50,000 Lindens

Just before the Happy Vixen underwent it's remodeling, Nydia announced the results of the Angels Calendar Auction, which were held there. The top bid was for Rayven Tentigo of the Primal Passions club and castle, 12,000 Lindens by Mean Spirit. Second was Jessicabelle Dayafter of Dayafter Areonautics and the New Bastogne combat roleplay, 10,000 Lindens by Helte Ironclad. Third was last year's top bid Skylark LeFavre, 5252 Lindens by Kiwi (Fyphfoko Yifu).

Others were:

4.  Jasmine Dawn (Orasine), 5200 L, Umbra
5.  Tassy, 4551 L, Wolfe Rain
6.  Nydia Tungsten, 4200 L, Brandi Streusel
7.  Alleara, 3500 L,  Bixyl Shuftan
8.. Brandi Streusel, 3500, Jasmine Dawn
9.  DawnMarie, 2500 L, Jasmine Dawn
10.  Carol, 2000 L, Rita Mariner

11.  Jian, 2000 L,  Nydia Tungsten
12.  Ranchan Weidman, 1700 L, Mato
13.  Aralyn, 1150 L,  Drac

Of the spot in the video with the 13 top ladies, the winning bid, 3000 Lindens, was made by Mean Spirit. The total amount of winning bids was over 50,000 Lindens. Half of this will go to the models.

As for the models with smaller bids, Nydia offered them a spot in something else she was working on, the details of which are sill unknown.

The Angels Calendar Auction is a yearly event by Nydia Tungsten to raise Lindens with the purpose of keeping rent payments down.

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