Monday, August 10, 2015

Press Release: The RFL Wrap Up Event

                 The Relay For Life Of Second Life
                *+.*+.* 2015 Wrap Up Party *+.*+.*
                     Sunday, August 16, 2015
                         9:00am slt - 1pm slt
Live music, award presentations, wrap up speakers, special performances, dance party and the 2016 Theme announcement along with other surprises.
The Rose Theatre and Art Gallery, Angel Manor (152, 214, 29)                              

This is one last party for the Relay to THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU for all your work, time, effort, and dedication to make the RFL of SL such a huge success.

The following awards will be handed out at the Wrap Up Party:

Team Fundraising Club Award - To Teams Who Moved Up A Level Since July 18 Relay
Best Man and Maid Of Honor Awards
Smell The Roses - The Clown Awards
Top Team Convio (Website) Fundraising  1,2,3
Top Individual Convio (Website) Fundraising 1,2,3
Convio Website Participation Award 1,2,3
Top Team Fundraising Award  - Overall 1,2,3
The Spirit Of Relay Award - Team
The Spirit Of Relay Award - Individual

You can still enter your nominees for some awards until August 9

We will be announcing the 2016 Theme and have a few other surprises in store!

We have a live music performance starting at 9am that you do not want to miss! Followed by the awards and Wrap Up event......then.... hang on to your hats...... we have a very very special performance that will leave you wanting more, followed by an hour dance party!

All music, award presentations and the Wrap Up event will be streamed live over the Official Relay For Life Of SL Radio broadcaster, T1Radio.

If you are arranging a listening party of your own, or cannot make it to the awards, you can use the following links to hear the music / events:     (on the web)

Listening locations for overflow will be located here:

American Cancer Society, American Cancer Society (183, 78, 23)

Relay dAlliez Common Area, Relay dAlliez (128, 21, 23)

Requested Attire:   Relay T-shirts and jeans / skirt  - let's keep the load on the sim to a minimum.
Please detach all huds (dance, game, roleplay, hair, shoes, clothing etc), if your clothing, shoes or hair has a resize script then please remove the script or put on different clothes, hair, shoes. Turn your draw distance down to 128 or lower, set your quality to Medium if you need to for this time period, turn your particles to 50 or lower, set your Max Avatars lower if needed .  Remember, you control your own lag.  Your computer processing speed is the majority determinant for how you experience an event. Adjust YOUR settings and things will improve. But we can all help each other out by doing the simple steps above with our huds and clothes.

We look forward to seeing you at the party !!      

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