Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Remembering Sept 11 at Stagg Island

On Monday Sept 11 at 6PM SL time, I dropped by the Stagg Island 9/11 Memorial. This was the sixteenth anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil that killed about 3,000 people, most from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. There are a number of memorials to the fallen across Second Life. Stagg Island is the largest one known to the Newser.

The radio stream had both recordings of news broadcasts at the time, and music appropriate for the occasion, such as "Tower of Strength."

"Thank you for attending our 16th Anniversary tribute to those we lost on 9/11/2001. ... This memorial was constructed  for the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  The outpouring of support has been so remarkable that the creator, and the residents and friends of Stagg Island, decided to leave it up here permanently and dedicate it to the residents of Second Life. Each wall at the memorial contains every name of a precious life lost that day. The individuals on the Airliners, in  the World Trade Center and in the Pentagon are all represented.

"At the one end of the memorial is an eternal flame signifying the light of these souls and keeping their memory forever alive.  Above the eternal flame rotates the Earth. This signifies that all countries were impacted by this terrible tragedy.  We lost people from all nationalities, colors and creeds that day. Evil does not discriminate.  Angels at each corner guard all the individuals honored here.

"The two recessed waterfalls represent the footprint of each building,  The  beam of light  in each footprint signifies each tower and are intended to light up the heavens for our loved ones as a guiding beacon to eternity. During our ceremonies on the anniversary, the "Lanterns of Souls"  will rise out of the water (from each footprint ) to the heavens, signifying the rising to heaven of  the souls of every human being lost that day."

Sixteen years after so many died, America still remembers those who fell.

Bixyl Shuftan

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