Wednesday, September 27, 2017

JFC Bike Store


JFC Bike store was founded in 2008 by Jayra Magic. She was tired of bikes that ride and steer the same way. So, she decided to make her own bikes in Second Life. She wanted to create a bike with their own character and spirit. She spend many nights with “Mr. Try” and “Dr. Error” to fine tune the good old HQ 1.0 script. Before Jayra Magic made bikes in Second Life, she was pole-dancing at a club called “Killing Floor” to make some money for her first bike-parts. The challenge was to seek a balance between the different vehicle parameters, because when you change one it affects the others. Lexei Glas (LG Bikes) taught her the basics of bike creation and also shared scripts. That’s when the JFC bike script was born.

JFC Bike store

The first “official” JFC Bike store was on Biker World. There she met up with Moppi Riddler , who asked her if she could do some creative stuff in Second Life too. She agreed and Moppi Riddler agreed to make some biker outfits to fit with the bikes Today Moppi Riddler is the proud owner of MRSTYLE bike outfit store, which is located next to JFC Bike Store.

Dixie Jefferson completed their team she helped out with scripts, building, sculpts and mesh to create the awesome roads that surround the sim. There are so many people that Jayra Magic would like to thank.

After the store moved to different other locations, the store finally stranded on the “CALI to NYC’ sim, and that’s where the store is still located.

The JFC Bike store building is a modern building with rez pads for every single bike. So, when you want to try out a bike, just click on the rez pad and it will rez a demo bike for you. Then you can ride the bike to see if it fits you. You can ride around the roads surrounding the store to find out if the bike rides like you want it to. When it does, you can buy the bike at the store.

Everyone is welcome to hang out at the store and enjoy riding the bikes.

At the JFC Bike store you can find bikes, motorcycles, choppers. They are all made in high quality bike-parts and they are all scripted with the unique feature-rich and low lag scripts of JFC bikes.
Jayra Magic says “"Let me create to enjoy and share the fun and feeling."
Her bikes are the best bikes in Second Life.

So, come and find your new bike at JFC bike store at :

Wesley Regenbogen  

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