Friday, September 1, 2017

Tokushi Avatars Closing, Offering All Items in Single Super-Package

There was some sad news this week. The owners of Tokushi Avatars announced they would no longer be able to continue designing new avatars, or repairing old ones as updates to the grid resulted in glitches, and so would be closing. The good news, they were offering everything they had made in one single package for the price of three to four avatars. And over time, they've made a large number of furry, feral, and tiny avatars, noted for "fantasy backgrounds and personal creations, as well as unique avatars of animals that people don’t usually consider."

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  1. Very sad news. They've been around forever. I still use their parts in my main AV.

  2. Shit. I only wanted to buy a single avatar, not 10+.