Thursday, September 28, 2017

Announcement: Chris's Hurricane Disaster Fund

We need your help!

C H R I S' H U R R I C A N E D I S A S T E R F U N D

Dear Designer,

In times of need, every penny counts. A good friend of ours, McChris Flanagan, lives in Florida and experienced major flood damage to his house as a result of Hurricane Irma which struck land in Florida on Sunday, September 10. As a result of the flooding, Chris's house currently needs new floors and walls and needs to be cleared of mold that has already started to grow. A lot of his furniture had to be thrown away and kitchen cabinets were destroyed. In addition, the fence around his yard was destroyed. Chris has a physical disability that prohibits him from being able to walk or use his hands and arms properly and is bound to a wheelchair. His mother works very hard and very long hours to make ends meet. The family is struggling to pay for the repairs to the interior of the house and we would like to help!

ORGANIZERS: Kira Paderborn  and Jolene Carami

We have started a GoFundMe account where you can see photos of some of the damage to his house.
Please feel free to share this site on all social media.

We are organizing a sales event which will take place from October 6th - 22nd, with 100% of donations collected going to Chris and his mother.

Here is how you can help:

1) Create a new item to be sold at a charity event to be held from October 6-22 (with 50% or more going to Chris)
* Designers will have 35 prims available. If you need more please ask!
* Gachas are allowed as long as they have at least a 50% split to the charity
2) Place older items at the event at a discount (with at least 50% or more going to Chris)
3) Place a kiosk at your store to collect donations
4) Create a one of a kind item to be auctioned off at an auction event
5) Advertise for the event in your groups

1) Advertise this event!
2) Link to our GoFundMe page on your blog
3) Auction your services at the event and donate the money earned to the event!
- auction a profile photo
- auction a 1 hour lesson about how to take a great photo, etc.

General Public:
1) Donate to the event!
2) Spread the word about the event
3) Spread the word about the GoFundMe page
4) Offer services and donate proceeds to the event

**other ideas are welcome!


September 24 - Kits Released
October 1 - October 5 - Setup for event
October 6 - Event opens (noon SLT)
October 22 - Event Ends (9pm SLT)

******** I F Y O U W O U L D L I K E T O H E L P P L E A S E F O L L O W T H I S L I N K *********


*** All items donated must follow Linden Lab's TOS and must not break any copyright rules. Anything questionable will be returned.

Please contact either Jolene Carami or Kira Paderborn or Enticestore Resident with any questions

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