Wednesday, May 23, 2018

SL15B Update

On Monday May 21, the first of the applications for the SL15B were answered. The Newser got it's answer the following day on Tuesday. We're approved. Listening in the SLB group, others also got their approvals, though not everyone. Others will follow. For those approved, Starting at Noon on Friday May 25, they can message a volunteer and be invited to the exhibitors' group. Once you accept, you can be shown your parcel and claim it. The deadline for exhibitors to claim their parcels is Tuesday May 29. For more details on the timeline, Click here.

After over a month of not changing much, the SL15B sims are taking shape. The total area has grown by six sims to twenty-one, three more than last year. The additional space will be needed as the number of applications us more than last year.

Sunday June 19 is when the SL15B opens. Stay tuned for more updates.

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