Thursday, May 3, 2018

Axtel Motors Closing, Most Vehicles Free

For auto fans, and anyone else looking for a great deal, there's been a development you'll want to here. There's a location where you can get dozens of cars for free.

In Sunweaver chat last night, Cynthia Farshore announced, "Axtel is closing down and has set several hundred vehicles to free status at their main store. LM is attached. Once they fully close, the vehicles will no longer be available so act soon if you're interested." She would then say the place was in the Osla sim. So I headed over. There were a number of vendors for various types of cars, each vendor able to hold several. There was also a sign with the following message:

Final Closing Sale

Axtel's Autos will be closing soon. All cars are free until we take down the store. We are aware some of the vendors are broken. Please try to take turns on the vendors and do not spam click them because they will break and even less people will be able to use them. Axtel will have to come back to fix these in a few days. Meantime you can visit Highflyer location to get some of the cars that are in the broken vendors. Join the Axtel's Autos group for updates and to request a link to this location. For those who use combat HUD systems in SL, this is mean to be a place for everyone to get free cars. Attacks on each other will result in freezing or a ban from the property. You will be warned only once. Please rez only Axtel vehicles here during the duration of this sale. The sim is VERY laggy due to all the scripts running. For that we apologize. We ask only axtel's vehicles be rezzed to people can test them and to keep your personal scripts down to a minimum. If you would like to advertise for your business here, please ask management first.

Lady Death (Selenia Galicia)

There were many types of cars available from early roadsters of the 30s and 40s, to classic cars of the 50s, 60s muscle cars, sports cars, even a few subcompacts and vans. There was also a "modern Batmobile" available. There was a vendor full of motorbikes. But when I looked, it was inoperable. Although the price listed was one Linden, I was refunded it after the purchase was made. So these really were free cars and bikes.

Each car comes with a HUD which one can use to keep an eye on the speed, shift gears, turn on the lights. Some cars will also drift if you hold the shift key and make a sudden turn. The instructions had a warning not to press a certain button on the HUD, but I didn't see it in the cars I tried out.

The mainland highway is next to Axtel's, so you can drive onto the road and test out the car. I found driving them to be a little tricky, especially when crossing sims. But it was smoother than jerky ten year old freebies whose scripts were designed for a much earlier Second Life. There were the sounds of the engine revving as I drove.

Of the group to join, I noticed no announcements. So it's unclear how long how long this great deal will last. Happy driving.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Looks like Axtel store is still there. Can you find out if this was only a joke? Because they haven't closed down yet, and prices went up again.