Sunday, April 4, 2021

Firestorm Viewer Reminder


By tomorrow, Firestorm users using version will need to update their viewers. It was a few weeks ago on March 16 that Team Firestorm announced on their blog the release of their version 6.4.13(63251) viewer. Jessica commented that earlier, the team determined four updates a year was best, "We will try hard to keep quarterly releases on schedule from this point on, with 4 updates a year, and we hope the majority of you will appreciate this balance."

Team Firestorm has a "three version rule," dating from an agreement with Linden Lab years ago. So the team has to block older versions of it's viewer. The grace period for version ends today, and it will be blocked tomorrow.

The latest update promises bug fixes, and features including a "massive" RLV update, and a "New free-aim mouse and focus lock for Depth of Field" for screenshots.

Source: Firestorm blog

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