Saturday, April 17, 2021

RFL Announcement: Sunbeamer Bumper Car Contest

The bumper cars that were part of last year's Sunbeamer Carnival are back.  This time as part of the Team-munity Challenge. There's no carnival this time. But it's still the same chaotic fun of running around and hitting the other bumper cars. When a car is hit a few times, it will start to smoke. The more often it's hit, the heavier it smokes until it catches fire and blows up (the driver is safely ejected). Sound simple? Not quite. The obstacle walls inside the course change randomly every so often. So one second you may have nothing ahead of you, and then the next finding a wall in front. And to make things more interesting, there are six cannons that onlookers can fire into the course which if they hit a car will damage it like being hit by another car.

 The event takes place Sunday April 18 from 10AM SL time to 4PM SL time. The top bumper car driver will take home 500 Lindens. Second place gets 250L. Third place gets 100L.

The event take place in Sunweaver Eclipse (145/59/22). From 3-5 PM, there will be a special Relay party at the BBBC, where instead of tips people are asked to donate their money to kiosks, notably those for Snow's "Bid Me" event. The second event is at SunWaterThree (75/56/25). 

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