Friday, April 2, 2021

Reader Submitted: "Ask, And You Shall Receive"


Have you every lost some of your inventory, land marks, or outfits that took you hours and days to put together? Then you log on and notice they are missing; you panic! You start to sweat, your palms are moist, and you want to cry. You start sobbing. When you compose yourself perhaps after a quart of your favorite alcoholic beverage, you have the courage to enter into the Firestorm Support Chat.

You know who the moderators are in there because they use the bold font but because of your fragile condition it feels as though they are yelling at you personally. They give the best advice and very helpful.
So sit up straight and ask for help.

 “I lost my inventory; can someone help me?”

The chat moves along but no reply so you try again. Did you say please by the way? Please and thank you are two of the most important words in any language, even in a Virtual World.

Finally, you get a reply and it is a link to the Firestorm Wiki Encyclopedia as I like to call it. This is where the challenge comes in because maybe there are residents in Second Life that have learning disabilities or just cannot read. What do they do? Are you one of them?

We all do not learn the same. There are four ways us humans/pixels learn. Which one is unique to you and how do you utilize it in Second Life?

Visual learning is partial to seeing and observing things. They are the notetakers and make lists.

 Auditory learners tend to learn better when the subject matter is reinforced by sound. They like lectures.

Kinesthetic learners, sometimes called tactile learners, learn through experiencing or doing things.  They like using their hands and make excellent athletes!

And lastly, we have the Reading/Writing learners. They comprehend through reading. My assumption is if you are this type of learner, you are home free when you receive that Wiki page.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and none of us should be fearful of asking for help in Second Life. If someone asks for help, be patient with them.

In Second Life we all have out gifts, as I like to call them. So, what kind of learner are you and what is your special gift?

Rosie (RougeRedHead01 Resident)

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