Friday, April 16, 2021

Reader Submitted Pictures: The Relay USO Show


Last Friday, the Relay for Life's Team SHB Gems held a "Bring Your Own Kiosk" USO show. The event was held with DJ Cynthia from the Sunbeamer team. The event was held from 7-9PM at the Deminis sim. Cynthia would also send the Newser a few pictures of the event.

I'll be DJing a USO BYOK Swing Dance for Team SHB Gems
USO BYOK Swing Dance for Team SHB Gems
7-9 pm SLT Saturday April 10
Sounds of the big band 40's all provided by the Sunbeamer's own Cynthia Farshore
Coming in a military uniform is encouraged but not mandatory.

While the music was from several decades ago, everyone there enjoyed them and had fun.

Images from Cynthia Farshore 

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