Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Announcement: WATERWORLD event is Aug 19-21 at Burn ONe


Over the past 2 weeks 20 plus builders/creators collaborated to build a Waterworld Art installation together at Burn ONe!
Now we want to *PARTY* and everyone is invited.

Multiple 'NOOKS' to explore, Pig mud pit, zip-lines & tight ropes to get around the Atoll, air balloon tour, jet-skis, ramp jumping, Bumper boats, underwater exploration of the sunken Baker Beach build, Hellfire gunboat, plane and the DEEZ!

NOTE: At midnight each night of the event we will close the days performances with MOVIE TIME! We will watch Waterworld in sync in the tv area.

THE DEEZE- ride the log, swim, or fly to the Atoll!

(click 2x because there is a set landing point)

See you all soon!
Burn ON! at Burn ONe!

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  1. I would love to resurrect the old film environment Waterworld again and sponsor the land for it. I think once there was a backup(oar) of this sim around but I cannot find it anywhere anymore. Any info is highly appreciated. contact me at sylvia(at)swondo(dot)com