Wednesday, August 3, 2022

"Wrestling Made in Second Life - Valiant Wrestling


Today in the official Second Life blog, Linden Lab posted about a subject that's a combination of sports and entertainment: furry wrestling. They wrote about "Valiant Wrestling."

Valiant Wrestling is a Second Life based furry wrestling federation that brings high octane live action wrestling to the grid every Wednesday. 
Co-founded by CEOs Dylan Mattel and Charlie Covfefe, Valiant Wrestling offers plenty of fun and excitement at their weekly live events as well as a great community for longtime wrestling fans. Residents looking for a way to live out their wrestling fantasies in the safety of an online community, can find this form of wrestling roleplay both rewarding and interesting. CEO Charlie says, “I have a slight heart issue so I can not pursue a wrestling career IRL. But here in SL I can live out my dream!”

With over 20 furry wrestlers currently active in the federation, the fights include ring announcers, referees, and sometimes even agents that play a part in the proceedings. It is a fully immersive roleplay experience!

Draxtor Despres would film a video about the wrestlers, which included an interview and some scenes of the action.

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