Friday, August 19, 2022

Ktahdn Vesuvino of Mieville Has Passed

 There was some sad news for the Mieville community last night. It was revealed that one among them, Ktahdn Vesuvino, had passed away.

I'm afraid I have sad news regarding our DJ & Friend Ktahdn Vesuvino.

A mutual friend, Dragonia Decuir, just told me that a RL friend of Kt's texted her with this information:

--> Kt passed away late Thursday evening, due to complications related to his severe Covid.

I know this comes as a shock,so let us band together in this time of sadness.
Remember, Kt lived a very long life, and had many friends. ♥

We should try to recall the joy he brought us, even while we miss him.

Ktahdn was at the hospital, and is believed to have been undergoing an operation, and died while undergoing the procedure.
Besides Mieville, Ktajdn was in a number of other groups, including the Lamplighters and several other Burn2 groups, Book Island, the Fantasy Faire and Fairelands Watch, and had one of his own, "Ktahdn's Musical Medicine Show."

SL personality Prokofy Neva would call this "very heartbreaking news, All of his wonderful dances!" He would later post on Twitter, "ery saddened to learn of the death from COVID of Ktahdn Vesuvino, a wonderful choreographer in SL. So unfair. Here we are dancing to his routine at an event called "Night at the Museum" in Mieville."

Ktahdn had been in Second Life since May 2009.
*Addition*  It was announced in Discord that "The Lamplighters will have a memorial for him at Octoburn, on their plot. Be sure to stop by - if you wish to contribute photos or quotes from him for a slideshow, please feel free to send those to iSkye Silverweb, Dream Wrexan or Freia Guillaume."

Bixyl Shuftan

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