Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Free Copy of "The Satanic Verses" at CDS Bookstore


It's been ten days since noted author Salman Rushdie was attacked on stage just before he was about to make a speech at an event. As a tribute to him, a free copy of his controversial work, "The Satanic Verses" is offered at Rose Coloured Glasses in Colonial Nova. Rose Gray announced the new book in the CDS group.

Thinking about the writer, Salman Rushdie and the horrific attack on him recently, I have created a mesh book in his honour. It's free in the Rose Coloured Glasses Books of Distinction book shop.  Come and get a free copy for your library and learn a little bit more about the writer. LM attached.

(no copyrights infringed - you'll need to buy the actual book to read it)

Following the publishing of the book, Rushdie faced numerous threats by Islamic extremists, and the leader of Iran called for his death. Rushdie has expressed doubts a book like this could be published today because of the climate of fear produced by the extremists. 

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