Thursday, August 4, 2022

UGNAY Benefit For Earthquake Relief


 On Saturday July 30, a benefit concert was held in the Weelandia sim. The event was to raise money to help people in the Philipines affected by an earthquake that had taken place a few days before. It was called the UGNAY Benefit.
I would be told that there have been five performers. I would see two on stage,  RyeShure Peony (RyeShure Resident) who described herself in her profile as having "more than 20 years of musical expertise," and Mae Loved (Mae Cliassi) who was also RyeShure's manager. 
Donations were dropped into the tip jar on stage throughout the event. With a half hour to go, there was 60,000 in the jar.  At ten minutes to go, the amount was 75,000 Lindens. At 3 minutes to the close, the 100,000 Linden mark was crossed. The event closed to cheers, and a "Riverdance" from the tinies among the crowd. 
Bixyl Shuftan

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