Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Press Release: NatureCon 2020 Is Coming To SL, August 18-31

Ruthenium and Osmium, SL – United by the shared love for nature, related communities joined forces to celebrate and present NatureCon 2022, taking place at the SL event regions of Ruthenium and Osmium on August 18-31, featuring live performances, nature activities and events, community booths, and more.
The collaborative communities are proud to bring NatureCon 2022 to SL for the first time. NatureCon 2022 hopes to inspire connections between related SL communities and organizations through a shared love of exploration and expressions of nature in SL.
The community event will feature panels, nature information, and fun events to inspire joy in natural settings. Community collaborators contributed with a wide variety of nature-related installations and performances including live concerts, exploration tours, nature-themed family activities, and more. More information about the event can be found on our website, http://natureconsl.site. 
NatureCon 2022 is produced by Soull Starlight and Yukiko Yeshto, two community-minded residents with a background in community management and event planning. Featured on Lab Gab, the pair find joy in bringing unique experiences to the grid, and work with various organizations to promote travel on the Mainland and in Bellisseria. Soul’s work can be seen through her luxury Mainland experiences site, https://ascendbnb.live. Yukiko’s work can be seen through her Mainland tours site, https://yukiyesh.wixsite.com/mainlandtour.

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