Monday, August 15, 2022

Larange Point Closing

Some sad news. The Newser was recently informed that a longtime running sim, Larange Point, is closing down. The owner, Hippie Bowman, had given the following announcement.

Hello all!  As you may know we have lost many renters here at Lagrange Point. Also it has been a very bad couple of year for Susie and I. Last year on August 15th my son died from covid-19.  He was only 26. Both Susie and my heart was broken in two. During this time I hardly went into Second Life. I just had no desire.  All the joy was drained from me and Susie too. I blame myself for not coming in and advertising the land that was available. Juana asked to help but it has come to this. I just don't have the desire anymore to deal with keeping the sim up.

So Susie and I talked it over.  I am going to let Lagrange Point go.  

It has been a great run. 13 years.  I am sorry that I have neglected you all here. I hope you can forgive me on that.  I will keep my premium account and my little house on the mainland.

The Sim will go down on September the 3rd.  So please before that gather all you things.  Especially your no copy things as you wont be able to get them after the 3rd of September.

With that said I want to say how much I love you all.  I am  not leaving Second Life in hopes that i will want to participate again in the future!

Getting to the sim, it was mostly empty. In contrast to the picture on Hippie's profile from happier days, there were only two large structures, a water slide and a tall building. As of last night, only the building was left.

A sad end to a longtime sim.
Hat tip: Prokofy Neva

Bixyl Shuftan 

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