Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kisssssssss: Linden Love!!

Valentine day always brings out the Lindens and the Volunteers for a kiss! Naturally since I go throw snowballs at them I always go for an “apology “ kiss. Courtney Linden was graciously kissing everyone who came. Golon Eilde, one of the volunteers, was hugging and trying not to bite everyone ( vampire??).

The crowd was raucous as usual but having lots of fun! I grabbed some free valentine lollipops! I had to leave but went back later to find more Lindens and a more outrageous group in the sims! Daniel Voyager was taking pictures everywhere . You can find lots of great pictures at this link:

Go take a look!! If you did not get there you missed a lot of fun! The only one I felt sorry for was a tiny, Hadley Metaluna, celebrating a rezz day. Wanted a kiss so badly and there were no kiss poses for tinies!! Maybe next year!! Simon , Oskar, Bacon , Alexa, Nya,Lexie to name a few , were Lindens that I kissed! And I got a few volunteers also!

(pictures by Daniel Voyager)

Gemma Cleanslate

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